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Essex Boat Trips

Aboard the Lady Grace

'Welcome to Lady Grace Boat Trips. As a one woman business, I started offering a range of boat trips from Mersea Island, on the Essex Coastline, back in 2011.

To take a look at the full range of boat trips I offer with prices and information please click the buttons below. My business has expanded over the years and I have a growing crew, my little boy Stanley, born in 2021, who joins us on our trips and is learning the ropes. Over the years I have been lucky enough to experience and capture some amazing sights out on the water which I offer as canvas prints in my online shop. I have written various children's books relating to the River Blackwater and the wonderful creatures inhabiting our coastline which I also have on sale in my web shop.'

Stacey Belbin & Stanley

Latest Blog Posts

New Book - Little Crab BIG Feelings

13 November 2023
Join Connie the Crab on a day filled with thrilling adventures, catchy tunes, and delectable treats in his bustling underwater world. As he frolics through the lively reef and basks in the company of his favourite pop idols, Connie's spirits soar higher than the cresting waves. But as the excitement reaches a crescendo, a sudden incident shakes Connie to the core. Madam Clare, the classroom teacher, is hurt, and Connie finds himself overwhelmed by an avalanche of emotions. Regret, shame, and remorse crash upon him like a rushing tide. In this heart-warming tale of empathy and growth, Connie learns that even the most jubilant moments can be accompanied by the biggest feelings. With the g...
New Book - Little Crab BIG Feelings