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New Book - Little Crab BIG Feelings

Join Connie the Crab on a day filled with thrilling adventures, catchy tunes, and delectable treats in his bustling underwater world. As he frolics through the lively reef and basks in the company of his favourite pop idols, Connie's spirits soar higher than the cresting waves.

But as the excitement reaches a crescendo, a sudden incident shakes Connie to the core. Madam Clare, the classroom teacher, is hurt, and Connie finds himself overwhelmed by an avalanche of emotions. Regret, shame, and remorse crash upon him like a rushing tide.

In this heart-warming tale of empathy and growth, Connie learns that even the most jubilant moments can be accompanied by the biggest feelings. With the guidance of the wise Madam Clare, he discovers the power of managing his emotions. In a soothing sanctuary beneath the sea, Connie finds solace in deep breaths and soothing bubbles, learning to navigate his excitement and harness his inner calm.

Little Crab BIG Feelings is a beautifully illustrated and tenderly narrated story that teaches children the invaluable lesson of emotional self-regulation. Stacey Belbin invites young readers to join Connie on his transformative journey, where the waves of emotion may be powerful, but the ability to navigate them with grace and understanding is even more so.

Suitable for ages 0-5 years

*Price includes Postage and Packaging*

*210mm square softback book ISBN:*978-1-73917-785-0

Price: £8.99