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Little Octopus BIG Feelings

Emotions for children can be like a turbulent sea, leaving children struggling to manage their overwhelming feelings. In this heartwarming tale, young readers discover how to navigate their own tempestuous emotions. Through the eyes of an octopus, they learn that feelings, like waves, can crash and swirl unpredictably. The story subtly presents a valuable and clever coping technique: deep breathing, symbolized by bubbles.

Through the power of breath, the boy learns to navigate the emotional storms that rage within. As the boy practices this technique, he finds a way to tame his anger and frustration. ‘Little Octopus, BIG Feelings’ is a beautifully illustrated story that tenderly illustrates the importance of acknowledging and managing emotions, even when they seem as vast and unpredictable as the ocean itself.

Suitable for ages 0-5 years

*Price includes Postage and Packaging*

*210mm square softback book ISBN:*978-1-73917-784-3

Price: £8.99