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New Book - The Salcott Bell

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of mischief, mystery and mayhem with “The Salcott Bell” by Stacey Belbin. In the picturesque village of Salcott, where secrets whisper through the rustling reeds along Blackwater Riverbanks, and bandits audaciously turn the once-hallowed Salcott Church into their own den of deception. Hidden amidst the pews and shadows, the villagers’ most prized possession is a bell that tolls with the weight of their secrets. In a tale that dances on the face of farce and fortune, the scene is set for a grand heist that could redefine their fate.

As storm clouds gather and the river churns with tempestuous intent, the bandits embark on a risky mission to poach their most bountiful treasure yet — the Salcott Bell. The bandits row upstream in pursuit of their treasure, only to find themselves caught in a whirlwind of misadventures. Fate, often an unpredictable companion, has plans of its own. Can the bandits overcome their errors, mishaps and fiascos to capitalise on their treasure, or will their endeavours end in catastrophe?

Suitable for ages 6-12 years

*Price includes Postage and Packaging*

*210mm square softback book ISBN:*978-1-73917-783-6