Trip to Bradwell

Take a trip across to Bradwell and walk to the Chapel along St Peters on the Wall and even call in at the local pubs and restaurants before returning back to Mersea

Why not hire the whole boat and take a trip from Mersea across the River Blackwater to Bradwell Marina.

You have various options available;

1. Get dropped off at Bradwell in the morning, spend the day exploring the village, visit the Chapel, airfield war memorial site and have a meal in one of the pubs before being collected later in the day.

2. Head over to Bradwell under the stars, walk to the Chapel in darkness along the seawall to arrive in time to watch the sunrise over the Chapel before heading back to the Marina and returning by boat in daylight back to Mersea and enjoy a well earned breakfast in the Blackwater Pearl Café back in Mersea at the end of your trip.

3. Leave Mersea early evening, moor up in the Marina at Bradwell and head off to enjoy an evening meal and few drinks in one of the pubs before returning to Mersea on the boat over sunset.

4. Winter season; head over to Bradwell Marina on the boat over sunset, have a meal and few drinks in one of the pubs before returning to Mersea by boat under the stars - this is particularly popular as a staff Christmas works outing with small businesses so be sure to book early!

The cost;

£150 for a maximum of 6 passengers for a return boat trip to Bradwell from Mersea.

£220 for a maximum of 12 passengers for a return boat trip to Bradwell from Mersea.

Please note; the above prices are purely for the cost of the boat hire - no meals, food or drinks are included in this price. If you wish to eat in one of the restaurants I would advise to call your preferred eatery and book a table when booking your boat hire with me to avoid disappointment. 

Here is a list of places you can enjoy a meal at Bradwell:

The Marina Bar - Winter opening hours are flexible if you are a large group and you call ahead and book in advance

The Green Man - again; times are flexible with large group bookings if you call ahead to organise your required time

The Kings Head

There are some amazing walks over at Bradwell, visit for more information on the 12 mile guided walk

One of my favourite walks to do over Bradwell is to the Chapel at St Peters on the Wall, it’s around 6 miles long, I have done this walk several times and I always walk to and from the Chapel via the seawall, though I understand there is a mapped route that can take you back a different route to the way you came.  To walk from the Marina to the Chapel via the seawall takes me approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and then the same again on the return journey.  I have done this walk over sunset, arriving at the Chapel before sunset and walking back heading into the sun watching it dip below the horizon before my very eyes.  I’ve also done this walk on sunrise which is equally as beautiful and I can thoroughly recommend both trips, they are equally as special.  Depending on the time of year you plan to do this trip depends on sunrise and sunset times so you would need to have a chat with me about that so we can organise the best possible timing for you.  It’s a great walk to do in the winter months, not only because sunrise is much later and sunset is much earlier but also because there is an expanse of mudflats extending out to the barges on low water which attract a huge number of migratory birds through the winter months so there are some good sightings to be had.  Through the summer you are likely to see the common and little terns nesting on the sandy single banks and around September you are likely to see the first of the godwits returning still in their beautiful chestnut breeding plumage before the rest of the migrants follow them in from October onwards.  November and December you are likely to see good numbers of the wading birds and January and February you may also be lucky enough to see some of the ducks and divers out in the River too, by April you could even have the possibility of seeing the Marsh Harrier overhead.

 Call me on 07791 859624 to have a chat about organising a trip over to Bradwell.

 Here is an extract from one of my magazine articles reciting one of my sunrise trips over to Bradwell in April:

 “It was 3am, the stars twinkled overhead as I crossed the River to Bradwell Marina in Lady Grace. I ambled to the seawall in darkness with only the moonlight shining my way. My lack of sight seemed to accentuate my awareness of the surroundings. The sound of the waves lapping up on the shore soothing my soul. I paced the crisp frosted footpath before me with an icy Northerly breeze blowing through my hair. I could hear the distant sound of ducks quacking amongst the dykes. The seawall was a fascinating meandering route of beauty that would reveal itself in just a few hours from now.  As I neared the Chapel the high pitched crowing call at dawn from the iridescent copper-coloured body, metallic green head, red face, and long tailed male pheasant greeted me as he flapped his wings and took off further into the woodland.  There before me stood an old historic building with such a captivating past.  I circled starring in awe, camera in hand and watched as the sun rose over the ancient Chapel, a sight well worth getting up at 3am for. I returned back to the seawall footpath to the Marina with the sunlight behind me illuminating the way.

The walk back was very different, full of vibrancy, colour and life.  With Herring gulls now very much awake calling to one another from the beach. Oyster catcher’s pirouetting overhead in unison, sounding their piping mating call. Songbirds singing in the meadow, game birds calling amongst the farmland, wildfowl hiding amongst the dyke reed beds and  lush green grass either side of me.  Cow parsley margined the footpath leading the way with its’ pretty white blossom.  The yellow and brown reeds forming a blanket that swayed in the breeze.  The sunlight captured the beautiful array of floral colours before me. I was in heaven, it was truly magical and certainly no less captivating than my sunset walk I had completed only 2 weeks before to the very same Chapel.”