Christmas Reindeer Hunt Boat Trip

At Christmas time Essex Boat Trips offer trips where the children have to help find all 8 of Santa's reindeers which have gone astray in the local creeks. We have to round the reindeers up and as a reward for finding all Santa's reindeers in time for Christmas eve the children get chocolate reindeer treats.  Maximum of 12 people, 1 hour reindeer hunt boat trip, £100 for the hour. Booking in advance is essential.


At Christmas time I offer boat trips where I dress up as an elf and the children have to help me find Santa's reindeers which have gone astray in the local creeks

We even have an exciting CHRISTMAS TREASURE MAP designed and printed ready for our chocolate reindeer hunts. We have a marshmallow farm for feeding the elves, a carrot farm for feeding the reindeers. Bradwell Power Station is Father Christmas' toy workshop as he needs all the extra electricity to make all the children's toys in time. the River Blackwater is the reindeer crossing in which Father Christmas' reindeers have to cross to deliver the newly made toys to the Elf present wrapping workshop on Packing Shed Island. Ray Island is the Christmas Tree Corner where everyone gets their Christmas Trees, Sunken Island is now Mistletoe Island, Cobmarsh is Gingerbread Island, Ray Island is Cracker Creek, Salcot is Candy Cane Creek and where you see Clacton wind farm - that's where the Polar Ice winds come from. I can't wait for the week leading up to Christmas with all these parties, it is going to be magical!

 PLEASE CALL 07791859624 to check availability and please read the T&C's regarding weather and cancellations prior to making your booking.