Blackwater Voices

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'Some of the world’s most powerful tales of love, friendship, and loss are not found in the heart of a busy metropolis. Rather, epic tales are being played out every day in the sleepy meadows, forest canopies and teeming oceans around us. These are the adventures of the animals with whom we share our world. Blackwater Voices will warm your heart as you read four compelling short stories of exciting creatures whose experiences are sometimes hilarious, sometimes frightening, often heart-wrenching. Through their eyes, you will learn how the actions of humans directly affect these animal families altering their lives both in positive and negative ways and how they struggle to survive the forces of nature. You’ll meet Poppy and Paddy, spirited pilot whale twins with a thirst for knowledge and mischief. You’ll hear the chronicles of Barnacle Buzz whose accounts of sea life never fail to draw a crowd of listeners on the ocean floor. And you’ll follow Ronnie and Rosalina, red-breasted mergansers whose love story rivals any best-selling novel. Each story in Blackwater Voices is masterfully crafted to engage, delight, and amuse all readers whether young or young-at-heart. You’ll never forget these animals and the way their adventures made you feel.'

A5 hardback book, ISBN: 978-1-83859-268-4