20 Minute Trip

Category: Range of Trips

Cost: £40 total boat hire cost, maximum 12 people

The 20-minute trip is very popular with friends and families wanting a short experience of seeing Mersea from the water. The 20 minute trip consists of a gentle relaxing trip around the Packing Shed Island where they used to pack the oysters back in the 1890's, you can still see the remains from the old oyster beds today. If you come out near low water then we are likely to see a variety of wading birds on the mudflats or if you come on high tide you will see Mersea Island from a completely different perspective motoring past a variety of different moored pleasure and working boats with a lovely view looking back at Mersea. 

Just as with all my boat trips, the 20-minute trip must be booked and paid for in advance to secure your time slot.

To book this trip or if you have any questions about my trips please call me on 07791 859624. Please bear in mind that due to the nature of my business I may not be able to answer your call immediately if I have passengers onboard at the time of your call. However, leave me a voice message and I will return your call at my earliest convenience.

Prior to booking your trip with me please ensure you read the Pre-Booking Notes.